A general curiosity for sound, soundwaves,

frequencies, words, and how these

affect the human metabolism, lead Ina Maria to compose, perform, record and produce music.

The songs are based on acoustic compositions [singer/songwriter], that are translated into electronic compositions, and discerned a mix of electronica, indie-pop, psych, and classical.

Ina Maria Medin studied Stage and live performance at "SCENE 1" in Copenhagen from 2003 -2006.

Since then she has been working on developing her sound, performing live, producing freelance soundscapes as a solo artist, as well as producing tracks for documentaries and PR videos.

IM has been producing freelance soundscapes for DR P3 "World of Science", - a Danish national science and technology radio channel show with research, news, reports and live guests in the studio.

From 2014 - 2017 she was playing live gigs on various stages,  Copenhagen, Sankt Petersburg, Norway, Leipzig and Berlin.

The live band constallations beeing organic, collaborating with various live musicians, as well as performing alone as a solo artist.

In 2017 Ina Maria founded her own publishing label called Intrinsic Ratio.


IM is currently working on a self-produced solo album.


The track "Hollow" has been remixed into

3 different versions by the german/sicilian

artist and producer V.A.L.KE.

These remixes where recently signed by

the Dance/Electronic record label MOJOHEADZ Rec.

(Los Angeles, USA - California), and are now avalible for purchase on beatport. 

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One of the latest release from Ina Maria is the self produced instrumental EP: N 52°30'07.6  E 13°23'27.8


Ina Maria Medin´s track "Xxxodus" was featured in the PR video of Berlin´s Popkultur Festival 2017.